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The quality Suhr, was recognized by the European Commission.

Suhr's has been rewarded by the EU Label diploma supplement.
The European Commission have themselves following encouraging words to say about recognition with the DS-Label: "The label increase the visibility of the institution as an attractive, transparent and reliable partner in European and international cooperation."

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

olah raga bagi si kecil

pada masa kini banyak alternatif olahraga yang cocok bagi anak-anak,selain untuk kesehatan juga akan melatih jiwa dan pemikiran anak itu sendiri.
maka alangkah baik orang tua menggajarkan anak-anak untuk berolah raga.

Badminton: Asia continue to dominate

Badminton: Asia continue to dominate

© Getty Images
17th August 2008
Badminton crowned their women singles champion, Zhang Ning of China, as well as its men's doubles champions, mrňous Markis and Setiawan Hendra of Indonesia, Asia continues its domination of this relatively young Olympic sport.

Hoyer-Larsen out of their own
Since then introduced to the Olympic Games in 1992, only one gold medal already ended outside Asia, with Denmark at the Paul-Erik Hoyer-Larsen victory in the men's singles in Atlanta in 1996. The remaining 19 gold medals from these Games are divided among only three countries: China, South Korea and Indonesia, whose five Olympic gold medals have all come in badminton.

Gigantický shuttlecock
The first of these was Susi Susanti victory in Barcelona in 1992, and only two hours later, her snoubenec, Allan Lake Budi Kusuma, won the men's title. When Susanti and Kusuma returned to Indonesia in a solemn celebration included in the two-hour parade through the streets of Jakarta, which was led by auto, which has huge shuttlecock. Susanti returned to win the bronze medal four years later in Atlanta, in 1997 Susanti and Kusuma were married.

Model dedication
In the last two Olympic Games in Sydney and Athens, China was absolutely dominant in the women's singles and doubles, and mixed čtyřhra. The story of the 2004 champion Zhang Ning is a model of dedication: she left her home in Liaonong Province at the age of 12 to train full-time, and when she and her snoubenec their marriage license in 2001, delayed the ceremony for three years after Games in 2004, during which never spent more than two months along the stretch.

Childhood team-mates
Ge Fei and Gu Jun of Jiangsu Province began to play badminton together when they were nine years old. Twelve years later, ran through the field of the 1996 Olympics to win the women's doubles gold medal and four years later in Sydney did the same, only one admits more than seven points in the game. Ge, whose specialty was playing near the net, also won the World Cup in mixed doubles in 1997, when pairing with Liu Yong.
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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Traditional Chinese sports

Traditional Sports

Traditional Chinese sports with different characteristics are also very popular, including martial arts, taijiquan, qigong, Chinese chess and Go or encirclement chess.

Martial arts, a combination of physical activity and the art of self-defence, enjoys great popularity in China. Martial Arts bare hands include boxing as a criminal offence and defence equipment, which has two different schools and moves.

Taijiquan, or Chinese shadow boxing, combines the control of body, mind and breathing. It emphasizes body movements following thoughts movements, tempering toughness with tenderness and graceful postures.

A system of deep breathing exercises, qigong is a unique Chinese way to fit. It is aimed at improving health, prolonging life, curing diseases and improvement of physiological functions by the strength of mind and regulating the breath.

There are fun and varied competitive sporting activities in the minority-inhabited areas, for example, wrestling and driving under the Mongols, Uygurs and Kazakh, Tibetan yak races, ethnic Korean "seesaw jump," crossbow among the Miao, and the dragon - the boat race between the Dai nationality.
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Martial Arts

Traditional martial arts such as judo, kendo, karate-do, aikido, and prosperity in modern Japan thanks to the dedication of those who practice.
In judo, which literally means "the gentle," the key to overcome an opponent is to build upon their strengths. Now popular throughout the world, judo has firmly established itself as an official Olympic event since its first entry in the Games in 1964. Following in the footsteps of judo, kendo (Japanese fencing) has also managed to attract a loyal following abroad in recent years. Kendo competitors wear armor-like protective clothing and use bamboo swords to attack and defend. Karate-do came to Japan from China through the Ryukyu Kingdom (now Okinawa). Karate-do competitors do not wear any type of protection and fight using only their hands and feet.

Japon Sumo

Q. Quelles sont les caractéristiques de sports traditionnels japonais? Japon Sumo est le sport national du. La pratique de kendo, une forme d'escrime japonaise. Le judo est devenu un sport international. Karaté matches sont pleins d'enthousiasme et de tension. A. Le sumo est un sport traditionnel japonais qui jouit encore aujourd'hui une immense popularité. En sumo, deux lutteurs se confrontent dans un anneau. Le lutteur qui amène son adversaire au sol ou le pousse à sortir de l'anneau est le gagnant. Un autre est le sport traditionnel kendo. En kendo, deux tireurs de porter des protecteurs, y compris les masques et à la poitrine gardes, détiennent chacun une longue épée de bambou et d'affronter la concurrence en essayant de trouver un adversaire de masque ou de la poitrine avec l'épée. Pourtant, un autre est aïkido, un art martial d'auto-défense dans lequel une attaque à mains nues ou avec une arme, comme une épée ou lance, est repoussée en utilisant la force de l'attaquant contre lui. Judo, qui fait maintenant partie du programme sportives officielles aux Jeux Olympiques, est également un sport traditionnel. En judo, deux lutteurs en concurrence avec diverses prises de lancer et techniques. Autres sports traditionnels incluent le karaté, qui est venu au Japon en provenance de Chine; tir à l'arc japonais, ou Kyudo, dans lesquels des places debout archers tirer des flèches sur une cible avec une longue style japonais arc et tir à l'arc monté, dans lequel les archers tirent sur des cibles fixes du haut galopante chevaux. Gracieuseté du Gouvernement Métropolitain de Tokyo, Ministère des Affaires étrangères, Institut de Judo Kodokan, et le Japon de Karaté-do Federation.
Q. What are the characteristics of traditional Japanese sports?

Sumo is Japan's national sport.
The practice of kendo, a form of Japanese fencing.
Judo has become an international sport.
Karate matches are full of enthusiasm and tension.

Sumo is a traditional Japanese sport who still enjoys immense popularity. In sumo, two wrestlers face each other in a ring. The wrestler who leads his opponent to the ground or grows out of the ring is the winner.

Another is the traditional sport kendo. In kendo, two gunmen wearing protectors, including masks and chest guards, each holding a long bamboo sword and compete in trying to find an opponent mask or chest with the sword.

Yet another is aikido, a martial art of self-defence in which an attack with bare hands or with a weapon, like a sword or spear, is repelled by using force of the attacker against him.

Judo, which is now part of the official sports at the Olympic Games, is also a traditional sport. In judo, two wrestlers competed with various outlets and launching techniques.

Other traditional sports include karate, who came to Japan from China; archery Japanese, or kyudo, in which standing archers draw arrows at a target with a long Japanese-style bow and shooting the arc mounted, in which archers shoot at targets fixed at the top galloping horses.

Courtesy of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kodokan Judo Institute and the Japan Karate-do Federation.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Appeals to nominations for the National Council of Youth Sports 2008 Hershey's STRIVE Awards!

Appeals to nominations for the National Council of Youth Sports 2008 Hershey's STRIVE Awards!
June 12, 2008

We will be the beginning of the band, held Pep Rally, and celebrate with parades on Main Street USA. There will be a lot of publicity your city and your organization! No one is more worthy of the Hershey's STRIVE price you and youth sports programs are making such a great All-American success.

These very young athletes considered the industry's annual awards recognize coaches, administrators, officials and volunteers communities hometown by the USA which, by their actions and professionalism demonstrated that the youth sports teach respect, leadership, values and excellence!

Click here for Official Rules and forms of nomination: http://www.ncys.org/strive.html

The Nominating is easy as 1-2-3. Simply fill out a nomination form page and write a page of testimony.

There are four award categories:
Volunteer of the Year
Coach or official Year
The area youth sports administrator of the year
National youth sports administrator of the year

Deadline for applications is ENDEAVOUR June 30, 2008.

Everyone can participate: parents, members of the team, board members, community leaders, officers, directors, staff members, officials, players, coaches and all those who are affiliated with young athletes! Nominate your favorite, the most deserving hometown hero of youth sports! Do not delay, nominate today!

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Junior Olympics enter second half marathon

AAU Junior Olympics enter second half marathon events
July 29th, 2008

Click here for results
Baseball | Baton | Beach Volleyball | Girls Basketball | Swimming | Track & Field | Fight

By Matt pocket

The 2008 AAU Junior Olympic Games is booming. Here is the reminder of July 29, 2008.

Celebration of Athletes
The celebration of athletes of the AAU Junior Olympic Games took place on Monday evening at the Olds-Marshall Way Rynearson Stadium on the campus of Eastern Michigan University. The ceremony began with a riveting performance by the Detroit Martin Luther King Jr. High School Marching Band. The group performs next to Beijing for the 2008 World Olympic Games, having raised more than $ 250000 to travel with the Olympic athletes to participate in China.

The celebration of athletes concluded with a torch ceremony online, the Olympics and the city of Detroit police officer Darnell Hall and his Think Detroit PAL TDP track club.

The final 200-meter hurdles for the sub-youth and young boys and girls in Athletics were also managed during the celebration of athletes. Johnson, Drake, Ann Arbor, Michigan, finished second in the 200-meter hurdles youth, with a time of 25.13. Dapo Akinmoladun, Grandview, Mo., won gold in the case of boys, finishing the race in 24.98. Lateisha Philson, Queens, New York, claimed first place in the 200 metres hurdles young girls, coming in 26.78.

Hitting sand
The first day of competition beach volleyball began to Southfield Civic Beach volleyball. Camila Rosado Marla Delgado and Puerto Rico was a perfect 3-0 in pool play and earned a top seed in the basin of the range. Camila Rosado is competing in its fourth AAU Junior Olympics and has always won a medal in each competition. In other basins, Amanda Walker (Virginia Beach) and Maggie Holbert of Florida won a difficult Pool B, while Lulia Cerbu and Danielle Vortisch Toronto, Canada swept all their matches to win Pool C.

The beach volleyball competition features the top teams in the regional championship of the 16 girls and division of all the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico and the entrances to host the Detroit metropolitan area. Competition continues tomorrow, July 30, with pool play in the power and competitor in parentheses.

De Hoop day
Select Wi completed a spectacular end to the AAU Junior Olympics girls basketball tournament, defeating TN Elite White, 64-58. Although the Select had already beaten the White Elite tournament
play, double elimination format gave the Tennessee team a shot at redemption. However, the Select continued their defeat at the AAU Junior Olympics and won the gold medal.

Grapplers win at Rock Financial
Fight hit the carpet on Monday, with five teams Michigan shared between two pools. On Tuesday morning, Michigan white face Michigan Blue Pool A. Le Blanc won 46-14, allowing no wrestler in the Blue scoring more than three points. At the end matchup, the White take on Ohio Gray. Wrestling action continues Friday at the Rock Financial Showplace in Novi, Michigan

Coming Attractions
Field Hockey begins play Wednesday at Ocker Field at the University of Michigan. The first match kicks off at 8 o'clock in the morning with a list of four games scheduled for Wednesday. Trampoline and tumbling competitors arrived at Rock Financial Showplace in Novi, Michigan, began recording and Tuesday, as well as athletes jump rope around the nation. The competition in these two events begins on Wednesday of the Rock Financial Showplace.

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The coaching and skills bwoling

The coaching and skills

Section 1


The Game


Selection Bowl

The Court

General rules

Section 2


The Throw

The rebate delivery - No Run-Up

The rebate delivery - with Run-Up

The Bowl

The shaken delivery

Slide Bowl

Raised Bowl

Raised Bowl

Section 3


The competition rules

The Game of bocce

The Court

The arbitrator



Jack Lancer

Position players

Types Shot

Delivering the Bowl

Delivery Plan

Other players

Interfere with the tribunal

Regular and irregular deliveries

Regular upset Delivery

Irregular upset Delivery

Sideline upset Delivery


Ordinary thrown


The marking of objects


Foul Bowl is when Played

The advantage rule

Misuse of Bols

The measure



The forms of Thursday

Shuttle progressive Throw




Concept of the game

Regularity throwing

Throw precision

The Court




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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Chelsea revive shooting in agony

Chelsea suffered a fresh penalty disappointment in Moscow, with Andrei Shevchenko missed a crucial spot-kick just hours after Carlo ancelotti, one of his closest mentors football, has reported problems in the Ukrainian 'mind as a central explanation of his declining form.

By Jeremy Wilson in Moscow
Last Updated: 6:05 PM Paris 02 August 2008
Andrei Shevchenko lack of space that Chelsea shootout to relive the agony
Fallen Idol: Andrei Shevchenko penalty was saved by Moscow Ivan Pelizzoli Photo: AP

In a final which contained remarkable similarities with the painful Champions League defeat against Manchester United, Chelsea were beaten 5-4 in another penalty shot after drawing 1-1 with Lokomotiv Moscow in the semi-finals of the Russian Cup railways.

John Terry, who missed in this sad mode 10 weeks in the Cup final, was on the ground but not the penalty-takers that between Wayne Bridge missed a chance to win the match before Shevchenko effort was saved.

Manager Luiz Felipe Scolari said he blamed himself. "A penalty does not change my idea of Shevchenko," he said.

"It was not his mistake, it was mine. I told them before the match that if she went to penalties, I would choose the players to take them. I told them it was my choice, and if we did not win, it would be my mistake.

"I have other players who can take penalties, Ballack and Drogba is something we need to improve. If they win a penalty competition, they will have more confidence."

Chelsea will now face Milan, Shevchenko, former club, in their pre-final match of the season tomorrow Scolari before the first competitive match against Chelsea manager of Portsmouth on Aug 17.

Shevchenko, 31, spent five seasons with success, under Ancelotti at Milan, but his form has nose-dived since joining Chelsea. "He had to move to another country and the environment has changed," said Ancelotti.

"It tries to play the way he can. I think we have seen many times, it has a lot of talent. If he overcomes these problems, which are mostly psychological and, I think, because he moved in another country, it will achieve a lot in team Chelsea. "

Shevchenko has played 41 minutes in four matches during Chelsea pre-summer season after surgery on his groin. "I came here to see my team for the match against Portsmouth," said Scolari. "I have 75 percent of my team. Now, maybe, I have 85 per cent."

Among the variables for the Portsmouth match will be the fitness of Didier Drogba, who is recovering from a knee injury, and the result of the attempted purchase Real Madrid's Robinho. Madrid are still hoping to persuade Manchester United to sell Cristiano Ronaldo, with Chelsea CEO Peter Kenyon conceding that the operation could be based on the Spanish club has managed to find a replacement.

Inter Milan president Massimo Moratti, meanwhile, confirmed Frank Lampard will remain at Chelsea. "He wanted to leave, I am sure, but it created a lot of anxiety for him and, in fact, he stayed because family issues," he said. "He stayed for his father, that it is extremely narrow, and its entire environment. "

Lampard's mother, Pat, died earlier this year.

Adebayor to stay with Arsenal

Adebayor to stay with Arsenal

Posted Sat Aug 2, 2008 9:02 am AEST
Emmanuel Adebayor scores Arsenal's second goal

Emmanuel Adebayor ... content to stay with the Gunners. (Getty Images: Shaun Botterill)

Arsenal Striker Emmanuel Adebayor completed a lengthy speculation about his future by confirming he will sign a new contract with the club Premier League.

Adebayor, 24, was the subject of interest from Barcelona and AC Milan throughout the close season, but he told the Arsenal website that wishes to enter its long-term future north Club London.

"Now I can say that everyone, yes, I will sign a contract. I feel very good here, very well here, and right now my heart is with Arsenal, "he said.

"I've never told anyone, I leave this club, ever. I am very happy that we found a solution.

"I have three years before on my contract so I am very happy to be part of this family."

The Togo striker joined Arsenal from Monaco in 2006 and enjoyed a production run in the 2007/08 season, scoring 30 goals in all competitions.

His appointment will delight fans of Arsenal after the departures of midfielders Mathieu Flamini and Aleksandr Hleb.

-- Reuters

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