Friday, May 9, 2008

School of Education

Rosauer The Centre was built in 1993 by a gift from Jessie Rosauer. The building provides up to 18 classrooms and 3 dividers that have to accommodate classes with small numbers. The classrooms are equipped with overhead projectors, VCR, cable television and whiteboards. There are six classrooms that were converted to classroom presentation media equipped with a computer, VCR, DVD player, LCD projector and a document camera for projecting documents.

As the School of Education is home to five departments, spaces exist in the Centre Rosauer which are specialized for the practical application of skills. The Department of Education advisor has two rooms for filming counseling sessions. The Department of Special Education has space dedicated as a centre for childcare for preschool children with special needs. The same space is shared by Gonzaga The Center for Applied Behavior Analysis, PLLC. This space was wired for sound so the room can be observed, the observation room and preschool are equipped with a way mirror.

The School of Education launched a wireless laptop initiative and laptop wireless stations to put technology in all classrooms. These stations allow faculty to demonstrate the technology in the classroom and to provide online interactions. Wireless Internet access is available to anyone in the building on the Gonzaga Community "wireless network. In the spring of 2008, the entire building Rosauer wired network is now operating at 100Mb/sec, with the computer laboratory operating at a speed of 1Gb/sec.

The Technology Resource Center is the center of instructional technology Rosauer the Centre for Education. In addition to providing hardware and software professionals require our candidates, we will provide basic training and technical support. The Commission is personal and open 12 hours on most days, and for long hours during crisis. The lab can be used as a single classroom or partitioned into two small classrooms. Both sides of the laboratory are fully multimedia capabilities (computers, projectors, camera document) and the laboratory ActiveBoard contains a complete system with ActiveVote components.

The lab contains twenty-four 24 "iMac computers running both OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and Windows XP. Install OS X includes all Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection 3 and Microsoft Office 2004, while Windows XP includes installing Microsoft Office 2003. Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac and Microsoft Office 2007 for Windows to go on computers by the summer of 2008.

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