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BMX cycling

Popek bike cross (BMX) started in the late 1960s in California, about the time motocross became popular sport in the United States. Motorised version of the sport is the inspiration for the man-power competition. Children and teenagers with the desire but not the means to participate in the motocross sated their appetite with a racing bicycle built on self-song. These young adventurers completed the impersonation by dressing them in motocross gear.

BMX racing action in the interest offered low-cost, close to home. It's easy to see why the sport is instant hit. In the world of sport is more popular California than anywhere else. In the early 1970s, the sanctioning body for BMX was founded in the United States. This is considered as the official start of BMX racing. As a developing decade, sport was introduced in other continents as well, among them Europe in 1978.

In April 1981, the International BMX Federation was founded, and the first world Championships held in 1982. BMX rapidly developing as a unique entity sport, and after some years have been more clear than with the general cycling motorcycling code. Thus, since January 1993 BMX has been united in the International Cycling Union (jfourth jfourth).

On 29 June 2003, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided to include BMX in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China.


BMX race held at the circuit approximately 350 meters, including jumps, banked corners and other obstacles. Eight additional compete in each heat (qualifying round, quarter-finals, semi finals and finals), with the top four qualifying for the next round.
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Mountain biking and cycling tips

Mountain biking and cycling tips
"When I was a child I used to pray every night for a
new bike. Then I realized that the Lord does not
Work, so I stole one and asked him
to forgive me. "- Emo Philips.

Mountain bike for fun

Learning with mountain bike riding. You can change the landscape that you have taken for granted keep it all a whole new look at a pace seen by dashing past in a car. Riding Mountain Bike and Touring, you can see and feel the environment you live in. If you for holidays make sure your bike with you, so you can in detail the unforgettable magic of your destination. In Europe Mountain Bike Touring is very popular and excursions can be arranged to travel through the beauty of Tuscany, through the grandeur of the Alps with the mountain bike camps. Inform yourself about the way around Kitzbuhel.

Some mountain bike rides remain unforgettable. You see the beauty of an environment with fresh eyes and in the company of a loved one engravings eternal memories. Even those who seem a bit torturous at the time because of a unaccomodating hills or perhaps a mean headwind, so be sure to plan far ahead and get moderately fit and healthy so that your mountain bike experience is a fantastic experience.

In addition: If you intend to grow and in the planning and preparation are unsafe to simply send us your questions by e-mail. We will help you in your planning. Avoid the jams and beat the queues and get to work and play on the smart Art
Riding your bike at night

If you like riding at night ...., your bike is equipped with reflectors and a strong reliable headlamp and taillight. An important security features such as horn or bell. Your bike should be some form of warning prepare for your own safety.

Always wear light - colored clothing so everyone can see you clearly. Fluorescent orange vests and bicycle flags are also good bike shops. Proper, in closed shoes should be worn - with bare feet, or strap sandals may be tangled in the pedals and chain.

Where there is no mountain biking trails and you have to ride on the road, keep to the left, driving in a straight line about one meter from the curb. Bicycles are recognized as legal road vehicles. This means that every bicycle rider must obey the same rules and traffic signs, like all drivers.

Mount Cycling Scotland and the United Kingdom
Ontario Biking
Wheel and safety tips
Extreme Sports

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I Emila Romagna är cykel sec vanligatse fordonet för utflykter Colleagues för att se SIG omkring.

Befolkningen älskar att cykla Colleagues semesterfirare SOM praktiserar denna sports välkomnas gästvänligt, bjuds på God mat, BH hotell, världens bästa strandservice, en fantastisk omnejd, vackra historiska städer Colleagues samhällen med manga slott. Romagna, med sitt Rica Colleagues varierande landscape erbjuder amatörcyklister chansen att välja mellan flera olika utflyktsmål, I olika svårighetsgrader, både för vanlig cykel fellow mountainbike.

Romagna, with the wealth and variety of landscapes amateur cycling offers the opportunity to choose various events, from all levels of difficulty, both for road and mountain bikes.
From the broad and flat coastal plain, the land increased to the top of the hill from Marecchia Valley, ideal for training sessions or rides, to explore the tradition of Romagna or follow a route more complex, with a gradient eligible for the success of large, that we often can be met along the way.

But the best is a period of years to fully enjoy the roads from the Romagna? ...

Of course, not July or August, when the beach is the best place ..... stretched out lazily in the shade underneath!
March is a good month, with the fresh spring air, trees, which blossom trees in early and the sun to make you feel good.

And then came April and May, when the sun-flower and poppies in the field is proof summer on the road.
And again, September, with the first of Perfume should be in the wine hills, and finally October, when the sun is still warm and chestnuts and truffles shows the first approach of autumn.
In this month, the best for sports activities, we are waiting for you here, pander to your needs and provide you with the very best beaches.

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NBA Europe exhibition

Nets beat the Heat in the NBA Europe exhibition 2008/10/10 10:09:52 Print

New Jersey Nets center Sean Williams (R) to prevent the Miami Heat center Mark Blount during the first quarter of their pre-season NBA basketball game in Paris on October 9 2008. Nets beat the Heat 100-98. (Xinhua / Reuters Photo)
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Olympics 2008

Indonesia's sports committee: Olympic torch relay can not be used for political propaganda 2008/04/11 21:05:25 Print

Special Report: Olympics 2008

JAKARTA, April 11 (Xinhua) - Indonesian National Sports Committee Chairman Rita Subowo said on Friday that the international Olympic torch relay can not be used to disseminate political propaganda, as against the previous Olympic charter.

The Chairman said that the torch will pass on 22 April, will stick to the rules.

Many activists in several countries that currently have been used to convey messages from their opposition against China in the last riots in Tibet.

"In Article 51 of the Olympic charter explicitly that all propaganda, including political, are not allowed," she said to Xinhua in an interview in his office here.

"We stick to that," said Subowo.

Separately here, Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla to a press conference Friday that the problem of Tibet is China's domestic affairs.

The Vice President said that Indonesia will use the Olympic torch relay when the good.

Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia Kristianto Legowo said that Indonesia supports the Chinese government to enforce law and order in Tibet in a bid to a normal situation.

Separately, Chairman of the committee for the Olympic Games for rchrelay in Indonesia Hadisumao Marsis convey concerns about protests during the torch relay in some countries, could disrupt the activities of sports. "Please do not disturb the sport relay in Jakarta," he told Xinhua.

Jakarta Police spokesman Ketut Yoga Ana, in an interview with Xinhua that there has been no indication of protests during the torch relay.

The spokesman said the security of the torch relay will involve more than 1,500 police and hundreds of security officers along the route that will take the torch, and hundreds of athletes.

Children must be greater than the amount of physical activity in 2004

Children must be greater than the amount of physical activity in 2004

Reston, VA, December 30, 2003 - - Five years after releasing the first physical activity guidelines for children five to 12 years, the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) is increasing the recommended amount. The first of four new guidelines recommend at least 60 minutes, and up to several hours of physical activity per day. This is not surprising considering the fact that no activity has contributed to the obesity epidemic and sedentary living is a known threat to health.

"With the increase of overweight and physically inactive fare for children, the community should now be focused attention to help families and schools across the country play an important guide this," said NASPE President George Graham, Ph.D., from Pennsylvania State University. "School is very important to increase physical activity of children because school programs can affect the behavior of ALL children on a daily basis."

The lead author revised Physical Activity for Children: A Statement of Guidelines for Children Ages 5-12, are Drs. Charles B. Corbin and Robert P. Pangrazi from Arizona State University. Objectives of this document is to provide parents, doctors, physical education teachers, classroom teachers, physical activities of youth, school administrators, and all dedicated to promoting an active lifestyle physically for children with guidelines about appropriate physical activity for children -pre-adolescent children.

Summary Guidelines

Among the recommendations are as follows:

* Children must collect at least 60 minutes, and up to several hours, and age appropriate physical activity at all, or most days of the week.

* Children should participate in several bouts of physical activity for 15 minutes or more each day.

* Children should participate each day in various age appropriate activities with the physical that is designed to achieve optimal health, health, fitness and performance benefits.

* Extended periods (the period of two hours or more) there is no activity for small children, especially in daylight hours.

"To help bring the results of this guide for parents and schools need to set specific times each day for activities such as physical activity before school, recess, physical education classes, and activities after the lunch break," said Charles Corbin. "In a quality school physical education programs, physical education teachers must:

* Expose Youth to various physical activities

* Teach physical skills to help maintain fitness and health of a lifetime

* Encourage self-monitoring so that the young can see how active they are and define their own goals

* Individualize intensity of activities

* Focus on the feedback from you, do not in the best products

* Be active role model.

"Perhaps the single most important to increase physical activity and decrease sedentary activities such as watching television and computer time is after school between 3 and 6 of this is a time when children can be active, but not often. Many children This is not active during the time period through no fault of their own. Parents should help their children find safe and fun opportunity to be active during this period. exception is a special time set aside each day, the opportunity to become active will travel as obstacles to the activities often physically large. "

When asked about barriers to promote physical activity, the researchers said, "Without question, the number one barrier to physical activity in schools is the perception that time spent in activities such as physical education and recess will disrupt the academic learning. The evidence does not support this assumption. We now know is the time to make physical education and physical activity does not reduce academic learning and may actually increase it.

"Our research shows that children who are physically active during the day in school are much more likely to be physically active after school also. Energy begets energy! With a more appropriate and adults who feel they do better. This is also applicable to children. "

Corbin said, "The bottom line is that live sedentary contribute to obesity and chronic disease later in life. Starting the activity habit at a young age is very important. Children need at least 60 minutes and up to several hours a day-to-day activities. Can accumulated in many short (at least 15 minutes) and the intermittent bouts event does not need to continue to be undertaken in the period of training for adults. The non-active (more than two hours in length) is small. "

To order a copy of the new physical activity guidelines, visit the online bookstore at or phone 1-800-321-0789. Cost is $ 12 for NASPE / AAHPERD members, and $ 16 for non-members. Shares number is 304-10276.

Information about the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) can be found on the Internet at NASPE, the largest of the six national associations of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD), a non-profit membership organization more than 18,000 professionals in physical fitness and activity areas. NASPE is the only national association dedicated to strengthening basic knowledge about sport and physical education among professionals and the general public. Putting the knowledge that a reality in schools and communities across the country is important to improve academic performance, social reform and individual health.

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WBA tidak akan memberikan penalti Guzmán dilepaskan untuk memerangi Diperbarui: 1 Oktober 2008, 6:52 EST RSS blog ini menambahkan email Cetak Santo Domingo, Republik Dominika (AP) - Dominika petinju tak pernah kalah Joan Guzmán tidak akan dikenakan sanksi karena kehilangan judul memerangi bulan lalu, World Boxing Association Presiden Gilberto Mendoza berkata pada hari Rabu. Guzmán didirikan untuk memenuhi luv u. Campbell untuk tidak kita WBA, IBF dan WBO ringan judul di Biloxi, Mississippi pada 13 September, tetapi telah Guzmán 3 1 / 2 pound (2 kg) atas batas berat. Mengingat lain tenggang dua jam untuk kehilangan berat, dia tidak akan kembali lagi ke skala. "Kami mohon maaf tentang apa yang terjadi beberapa minggu lalu di Biloxi," ujar Mendoza dalam sebuah pernyataan pada Rabu saat mengikuti konvensi WBA. "(Tetapi) pintu akan terbuka untuk Joan untuk memerangi." Mendoza menambahkan WBA tidak akan menolak Guzmán lain kesempatan untuk memerangi, meskipun asosiasi tidak berencana untuk menyelenggarakan berjuang untuk dia. Guzmán (28-0, 17 knockouts) telah vacated dia WBO super bulu mahkota untuk kesempatan untuk memenuhi Campbell (32-5-1, 25 knockouts). Tetapi ia berkata Guzmán mulai kamp pelatihan terlalu berat, tidak kehilangan berat dalam waktu, dan terlalu kering sekali di awal-timbangkan dalam. Campbell kemudian sepakat untuk memerangi tanpa judul pada baris tetapi Guzmán kata dia terlalu sakit dan penderitaan dibatalkan.
WBA will not penalize Guzmán released to fight
Updated: 1 October 2008, 6:52 EST
Add this RSS blog email print
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (AP) - Dominican unbeaten boxer Joan Guzmán will not be penalized for losing a title fight last month, the World Boxing Association president Gilberto Mendoza said on Wednesday.

Guzmán was established to meet nate Campbell is not for us WBA, IBF and WBO lightweight title in Biloxi, Mississippi on 13 September, but has Guzmán 3 1 / 2 pounds (2 kg) of the weight limit. Given another two-hour grace to lose weight, he will not return to scale.

"We are sorry about what happened several weeks ago in Biloxi," Mendoza said in a statement on Wednesday at the WBA convention. "(But) the doors will open for Joan to fight."

Mendoza does not add the WBA will reject Guzmán another opportunity to fight, although the association does not plan to hold the fight to him.

Guzmán (28-0, 17 knockouts) has vacated his WBO super featherweight crown for the opportunity to meet Campbell (32-5-1, 25 knockouts).

But he said Guzmán start of training camp too heavy, not lose weight in time, too dry, and once at the beginning of the weigh-in. Campbell then agreed to fight without the title on the line but Guzmán said he is too sick and suffering canceled.

inter milan

Wednesday, 01 October 2008

Inter coach, José Mourinho respond ties to entertain Inter 1-1 when the German club, Werder Bremen continued in the elimination round Group B Champions League on Wednesday (01/10) in the evening. Gegendang maintain his team from criticism and ridicule Suporter.
Combat Bremen, where the second against Inter failed to disappear after a 0-1 victory at AC Milan in the Derby Madonna.

"I'm not disappointed Suporter ridicule people who are always right and they are the most important part of my football club," said gegendang.

"We play better and have more opportunities in the first Inning, where we attack more. We really can make a position to be 2-0 before the break, which can cause that will happen. I do not need to talk about the bad performance . If there's one team has the right to win, then Inter.

"Werder Bremen is a strong team and they are already familiar with this competition and have the same coach for many years. Play more or less the same as when I train from Chelsea.

"We know that this struggle will be more difficult to print the goal, but to compare the position. Let us remain very confident and not afraid.

The opportunity to escape from Inter after the results of this series, in gegendang said: "Of course, this is a series of good results for all parties, but when our analysis, even if we must fight against Anorthosis weight in the next fight, I am 100% sure Inter will be in the next round. "

Currently, Inter still lead Group B with 4 points. For the same position with Anorthosis recently overcome Panathinaikos FC 3-1.


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