Friday, May 9, 2008

Volunteer Coaching Education

The training of volunteer coaches
Although most of the ASEP efforts have been focused on secondary education and training of coaches of the club, the education of volunteer coaches has been and remains a major objective. ASEP coaching young athletes courses for volunteer coaches has been launched in 1981, but it is more complete than the young professionals of the sport were willing to offer their coaches. Thus, in early 1990, ASEP has launched a series of coaches Rookie Guide [sport], which later became the supervision of young [Sport] series. These texts, with an instructor and guide instructional video, it is easier for young directors of sport to educate coaches. At the end of 1990, ASEP developed a series of videos companion these texts which have demonstrated the technical and tactical skills of the sport.

Over the years, many youth sports have adopted the ASEP coaches volunteers Education Program courses, but three barriers have limited their widespread adoption: money to buy the course, the lack of administrators time to teach classes and the logistical challenge of putting together volunteers for face-to-face instruction. In 2003, ASEP began the liberation of youth, sport Coaching series of online courses. Now, coaches can attend classes at their convenience and without travel expenses. Busy sport for young professionals do not need to organize training sessions and prepare for cours.teach teach the courses.

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