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This is a new column where we will show pictures of us in tournaments, this week we have a. ..

Let's ignagurar this column with the photo of "left-handed" club, who knew how to win titles with Federica in a double mixed tournament in which after having won muchicimo grew as a player, here we see our beloved "Yusepe Greg Rusedski" accompanied by his eternal companion, we are talking about the clear Donay, greets Tim Henman after his defeat by (3) 6-7 and 6-4 in the ATP Masters in Hamburg in 2005.

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It is a nice double this weekend week ....
This Saturday will conduct a doubles match very attractive when faced nothing more and nothing that the couple going undefeated in the club and deploying a very good tennis proving to be a couple who already seems to know long ago and have only a few months playing, I talk about the magician "Patrick Rafter Chelo" and "Chak Bruno Norris," in front will have a partner who can speak and understand if they are solid, I say Fabian aka "The Formento" and Jose Pablo, this party will take on Saturday evening and of course tomorrow night and will bring nice comments.

On the other hand I anticipate a first that is very new and already asked me to put people at both club and also to be another: The magician will perform a final round of matches, challenging anyone who wants and can playing a game of the best single porsupuesto of September 5, will be a single match with each days agreed to in advance, and must be mandar challenges, this training wants it done before your vacation in Europe, their statements so far are that is to go undefeated, could achieve? Time will tell, will want to take this pribelegio but we want to lead the unbeaten.

S. Gorzy

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Monday, December 04, 2006
Back to the courts "Chak Bruno Norris"

After an injury in one of his subsequent returns to the courts Bruno aka "Chak Norris," after his speedy recovery from his tear, with everything back to show his followers that his flojisima acting in his last tournament besides his rival Chelo aka "Patrick Rafter was far superior throughout the match, was due to that post because he was not bothering the left and play the best. Although his position in the ranking is not very favourable, is in a position desastroza we are not running for not lowering the image of Chak but to have an idea this below players like the endless Angelito, Sebastian "fat "Magellan and many more because as we mentioned this very bottom, thinks it can improve its image and above all else improve their tennis.
This is the topic this week at the club returns from a player who knew how to be q was in the elite of this club, prominent players in games against struggling magician Chelo aka "Patrick Rafter," "bomber", Greg Chelo Rusedzci and others, hopefully return to the first plans.

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Saturday, November 18, 2006
The cello presents a tube of balls National historic day!

In the match played Saturday in yesterday afternoon which was defeat and asked the crown for the cello as noteworthy historic day that the cello presents a new tube of balls I think the first in history.
You can see above the photo shown that the cello 18-11-2006 carries a tube back to the courts to share among friends.

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The Chelo aka "Patrick Rafter" falls versus fabian 6-3 6-3 and lost the crown!

In the first match of the afternoon Saturday at 15:00 is the disputed meeting between Chelo aka "Patrick Rafter" vs. Fabian party which began as usual 40 minutes later by cello that was delayed shape with some chubby by the Rambla .
As we say "forment" the cello arrived 40 minutes late and in a game quite accessible to fabian 6-3 6-3 in the office on Sept. 2 and 2 hours party.
In the first part of the match was the cello with a draw quite the same flojito fabian take and scored a few winners.
It was also noticed a drive that the cello was missing as if it shortens the arm of APOC to leave many balls into the net and reach the crash racket against the fence of the club demonstrating powerlessness and anger.
As the winner fabian is what I notice very solid background committing some silly mistakes because of the devolution but with a powerful drive and a good draw responded by putting the cello!.
Chelo strove to maximize at certain times to achieve beat Fabian but never achievement. With this victory Fabian won the title that had defied the cello to win today.
We recall the Dechen today as the historic view that the cello presenting a tube of balls in the courts for the first time .... well you the cello jugastes but equal comistes in the courts will be the next challenge in some other Mc - kuey .....

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Hello everyone I welcome you to amateur had a blog created by a group of friends of a tennis club in Montevideo, Uruguay more precisely the neighborhood park batlle most of us.
Finally, welcome to all and I hope that together we can have fun and enjoy more of this fantastic sport that we practice every day.

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