Wednesday, July 2, 2008

बद्मिन्तों is the world fastest racket sport

Badminton - is the world fastest racket sport: shuttle can leave the racket at the speed of nearly 200 m / h.

Competitive badminton is significantly different from the game played by many Americans with friends and relatives in the yard. In fact, the differences clearly illustrate the difference in meaning between "game" and "sport".

One look at badminton athletes in action will demonstrate that this form of badminton is truly a sport. Today's players compete in a lightning-fast sport that requires constant, highly concentrated action: running, jumping, twisting, stretching, running backwards and striking. Besides explosiveness, quick reflexes and a quick hand-eye coordination, competitive badminton players must also possess superb aerobic endurance. In two typical game singles match, top players will cover nearly every inch of the court and travel more than one mile.

Badminton is different from other racket sports, all who use the ball of some size, according to two possibilities: the use of a shuttlecock and the fact is the shuttlecock can not touch the ground during the rally. The flight characteristics and shuttlecock and the pace created by constant volleying combine to make badminton one of the most exciting sports to watch and play.

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