Sunday, July 6, 2008

Le Petit Golf

An innovative approach. "Le Petit Golf" is an innovative teaching method to meet the needs of the child and allows him to strengthen his motor skills, sociability and intelligence while enjoying himself / herself at the same time. This method is at the crossroads of different movements of the contemporary education and aims to take the best of the current trend. It is a modern and dynamic teaching method.

A method of learning fun. Learning is addressed in a playful and diverse. Technique basic guidance is given while allowing the child to remain spontaneous and show the creative skills.

Discover while learning. The child must learn to differentiate from left to right, before the stern, top down. The exercises aim to bring the child to give many different answers to help him improve his motor skills ..

To develop motor skills. We seek to improve the child's thinking process and help him learn and discover. The child must find solutions to the problems of its own while receiving advice from the instructor.

The 100% action concept. A young child needs to have the opportunity to run, jump and move. "The little golf" activity gives him the chance to do just that because it is a method of teaching dynamic.

The 100% success concept. To have fun while learning, the child must succeed in what he does. The presentation of our playground through the use of equipment and a graduate place the child in the best possible conditions for success.

The 100% pleasure concept. The child's level of motivation is maintained at its peak in order to facilitate the learning process.

The exchanges and interaction with others. Thanks to "The little golf" activity your child is not his own, other children do like him, but all learn to cooperate with each other. They become familiar with exchange activity. Children are collaborating with other children in a group.

Monitoring. Certified "Le Petit golf professional and assistant-professionals to monitor the progress of the child using a passport which contains performance 7 essential steps to performance and capacity.

Detection. The certified instructors will identify and help you choose the right path to instruct your child to guide him to the right golf program (whether a group or a private) to ensure the continuity of its progress.

The competition. The leagues and round-robins competition formats will take place on Saturday, mainly in particular coordination between age groups and educational advancement.

Teaching materials. Our experience and expertise in the field has guided us to adapt our teaching materials graduated.

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