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To promote the Olympic Movement, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognizes May as International Sports Federations (IFs) international non-governmental organizations terminal one or several sports at the global level and that includes the administration of these sports organisations at nationally.

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The recognition of International Federations (IFs)
To be recognized, these organizations must apply the Olympic Movement Anti-Doping Code and conduct effective out-of-competition, according to established rules. The recognition of FI newly recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is provisionally for a period of two years or any other period set by the IOC Executive Board. At the end of this period, the recognition is automatically lapse in the absence of definitive confirmation in writing by the IOC.

Regarding the role of the IFs within the Olympic Movement is concerned, their statutes, practice and their activities must be in conformity with the Olympic Charter. Subject to the foregoing, each FI retains its independence and autonomy in the administration of his sport.

SPORTS recognized list

Air sports orientation
Bandy basque pelota
Polo Sport Billiards
Balls Powerboat
Bowling Racquetball
Bridge Roller Sports
Chess Rugby
Cricket Sport Climbing
DanceSport Squash
Golf Surf
Karate Sumo
Korfball tug of war
From sports rescue submarines
Moto skiing
Mountaineering and Climbing of Wushu

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