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Suhr's is an institution of higher education

Welcome to Suhr'S

Suhr's is an institution of higher education with:

* 100 years of experience
* The partnerships with governmental and non-governmental organization at the international level, universities and food and service industries
* A highly qualified staff
* A wide range of expertise in the areas of nutrition, food, food, consumption, management services and health

The quality Suhr, was recognized by the European Commission.

Suhr's has been rewarded by the EU Label diploma supplement.
The European Commission have themselves following encouraging words to say about recognition with the DS-Label: "The label increase the visibility of the institution as an attractive, transparent and reliable partner in European and international cooperation."

On these pages you will find information on:

* Suhr's: Mission, Vision and quality control process.
* Student Life: The night watchman, 'Tuesday meeting, the parties, "Kulturnat" Rustur and Café Sweet'N'Suhrs are described. Furthermore, if you are a student has just arrived in Denmark, you can also find "need to know, know Nice," a survival guide for your first weeks in the country.
* Partnerships: International organizations and projects Suhr participates in.
* Degrees: Suhr offers two bachelor's degrees: The Global bachelor's degree in nutrition and health taught in English and professional degree in nutrition and health taught in Danish-content, admission procedures and opportunities to study or to find a internship abroad educational programs are described.
* Facts on Denmark: Geography and climate etc.


* Eligibility
* At the global level, BA
* Application Form

Suhr'S Seminarium
Pustervig 8
1126 Copenhagen K Telephone: 3332 1170
Mail: suhrs@suhrs.dk CVR: 30891732
EAN: 5798000554405
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