Thursday, August 14, 2008

Traditional Chinese sports

Traditional Sports

Traditional Chinese sports with different characteristics are also very popular, including martial arts, taijiquan, qigong, Chinese chess and Go or encirclement chess.

Martial arts, a combination of physical activity and the art of self-defence, enjoys great popularity in China. Martial Arts bare hands include boxing as a criminal offence and defence equipment, which has two different schools and moves.

Taijiquan, or Chinese shadow boxing, combines the control of body, mind and breathing. It emphasizes body movements following thoughts movements, tempering toughness with tenderness and graceful postures.

A system of deep breathing exercises, qigong is a unique Chinese way to fit. It is aimed at improving health, prolonging life, curing diseases and improvement of physiological functions by the strength of mind and regulating the breath.

There are fun and varied competitive sporting activities in the minority-inhabited areas, for example, wrestling and driving under the Mongols, Uygurs and Kazakh, Tibetan yak races, ethnic Korean "seesaw jump," crossbow among the Miao, and the dragon - the boat race between the Dai nationality.
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