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Showtime finally arrives for fantasy football players

Showtime finally arrives for fantasy football players

07:42 CDT on Monday, September 1, 2008

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T-minus three days, and counting ...

That is how long until we have Eli Manning dazzles us with 300 yards, three-season starts touchdown against the Redskins, resume where he left as Super Bowl MVP in February.

Or, it might be how long we must wait to see him run for 185 yards and two choices. Alas, these are the demons that haunt surely the spirit of Eli anxious owners, not to mention fans giants.

More important than the fate of Eli is that our long national nightmare is almost over. Thursday evening announced the opening of the 2008 NFL season, when everything is right in the world. The early start means you'd better adjust your line of departure time, or is likely to leave Clinton Portis, Plaxico Burress, Brandon Jacobs or another key player on your bench during the week 1.

Assuming that you have written now, there is not much remains to be done, but the sweat of your range of weekend. But take a quick rotation around the league to consider some of the news end of May you to mix the bottom of your roster.

By now you've heard that the Bengals have pushed the eject button on Rudi Johnson. Do not send the scrap just yet, because it will not be unemployed for long. He worked for Detroit - not what Kevin Smith owners wanted to hear - and I would be shocked if the Texans do not invite him to testify, and a hoedown.

Houston is still arguing that Ahman Green will be their first day starter, but Chris Taylor and rookie Steve Slaton join him for a committee backfield that is best avoided altogether. At least we know Chris Brown will not be a four-headed monster, now that it has been placed on injured reserved because of back problems. Although I think Slaton May finally get out of that motley crew as a bona fide starter, Johnson probably could walk and take the work week by 2.

Meanwhile, in Cincinnati, Chris Perry was handed the start of work. But do not celebrate too quickly, Perry owners. It May not be a collection of more fragile bones in the NFL that Perry. Entering its fourth year, he played in only 22 games, and devotes the whole of 2007 on injured reserve. You want May to take a gander at the Bengals' schedule, too. Not a pretty picture of the team to rush prospects. Do not look now, but rumors are swirling that Shaun Alexander is still on the radar of Cincinnati's most need insurance Perry.

I do not like the look of things in the north-west. Matt Hasselbeck was struggling throughout preseason with a back, and his receivers are dropping like flies. Ben Obomanu, a second-year wideout pushed into the starting line while Deion Branch and Bobby Engram are recovering, broke his collarbone in the final preseason contest and is now lost for the season. That leaves Seattle with just Nate Burleson (a chronic underachiever) and Courtney Taylor, who made all the passes five to his rookie season. You want to be wise to keep Hasselbeck on your bench for a week or two until the dust settles and either branch or Engram returns.

I did not draft Peyton Manning in one of my leagues, I will not have to sweat start / sit dilemma with him this week. Maybe it's just a smoke screen, but try as of May seem positive, the number does not ring as a man convinced he will play - or 100 percent if they agree. It takes a difficult mission against the opening of Chicago, so that the schedule makers did not make him any favours. Glad I did not make this call…

Good news for Cleveland: Derek Anderson is expected to start against the opening of Dallas. How effective it is in its first action since suffering a concussion in the second preseason game is another story.

Need a short-term fix quarter? Look no further than Arizona, where Kurt Warner must be dizzy as a schoolgirl. He not only extended Matt Leinart's reign as the Cardinals' fourth of the future "in record territory, but he was rubbing it starts with the 49ers and Dolphins against during the first two weeks. Warner could be the most prolific passer in the league in September.

Those who pass above Willie Parker because of the threat posed by rookie Rashard Mendenhall will soon be kicking themselves. After Mendenhall fumbled again in the Steelers' final preseason Thursday, you can go through your list of ball-managers of confidence in the red zone. The rookie will get a fair share of door to keep Fast Willie costs, but Parker will not be called into goal-line duties anytime soon. In fact, it May last match of the year two-touchdown output on Sunday against the Texans.

In Baltimore, Willis McGahee is endangered while the opener, he recovers from knee surgery, opening the door to impressive rookie Ray Rice. McGahee is apparently still walking with a limp, if you need to make other plans if we count on him. Rice is a viable option, especially considering that Cincinnati is the Week 1 opponent.

Count me among those surprised to see New Orleans rolled the dice with aging daily Martin Gramatica most popular rookie Taylor Mehlhaff. Normally, you consider the Saints' kick a solid prospect of fantasy, but I do not want to put my team in the fate of Grammar of cleats. It did not take place on employment for a full season since 2003.

Thursday evening may not arrive soon enough.

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