Sunday, October 26, 2008


I Emila Romagna är cykel sec vanligatse fordonet för utflykter Colleagues för att se SIG omkring.

Befolkningen älskar att cykla Colleagues semesterfirare SOM praktiserar denna sports välkomnas gästvänligt, bjuds på God mat, BH hotell, världens bästa strandservice, en fantastisk omnejd, vackra historiska städer Colleagues samhällen med manga slott. Romagna, med sitt Rica Colleagues varierande landscape erbjuder amatörcyklister chansen att välja mellan flera olika utflyktsmål, I olika svårighetsgrader, både för vanlig cykel fellow mountainbike.

Romagna, with the wealth and variety of landscapes amateur cycling offers the opportunity to choose various events, from all levels of difficulty, both for road and mountain bikes.
From the broad and flat coastal plain, the land increased to the top of the hill from Marecchia Valley, ideal for training sessions or rides, to explore the tradition of Romagna or follow a route more complex, with a gradient eligible for the success of large, that we often can be met along the way.

But the best is a period of years to fully enjoy the roads from the Romagna? ...

Of course, not July or August, when the beach is the best place ..... stretched out lazily in the shade underneath!
March is a good month, with the fresh spring air, trees, which blossom trees in early and the sun to make you feel good.

And then came April and May, when the sun-flower and poppies in the field is proof summer on the road.
And again, September, with the first of Perfume should be in the wine hills, and finally October, when the sun is still warm and chestnuts and truffles shows the first approach of autumn.
In this month, the best for sports activities, we are waiting for you here, pander to your needs and provide you with the very best beaches.

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