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Education and training

Education and training

With the explosive growth of the sport of lacrosse in the country, the need for knowledge, experience coaches and officials is more than ever before. U.S. Lacrosse is committed to providing opportunities to develop those leaders.

The education program for coaches
According to U.S. Lacrosse Strategic Plan, the USA Lacrosse Coaches Education Program was established to create a multi-level, national, standardized education program and additional resources that are accessible to all Coaches at all levels. The Education Program coaches is developed and implemented by the Education Committee of the coaches and USA lacrosse for development of sport.
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Actor national clinical
The USA men's and women's national teams routinely conduct programmes inexpensive one-day clinics throughout the country for young lacrosse players. To see a list of pre-clinical or obtain more information about them here.

Officials training programmes
Are you ready for scratches? U.S. Lacrosse offers comprehensive training for new and promotion of men's and women's lacrosse officials in many locations across the country. Contact to learn more about the men responsible for lacrosse training in your area. If you want more information on obtaining certification for women to stick in your area, please contact your local board of the Women's Division Official Council (WDOC).

Programme of physical education for schools
Have more fun in PE class by teaching lacrosse with our comprehensive, easy to use, focusing on students physical education program! Lacrosse is a fast-garde students who move and help encourage higher levels of fitness. It is currently the only school lacrosse programs available and we made it easy to implement in your physical education programs.
• Fill lacrosse physical education curriculum at primary, middle school and secondary school phys ed classes is now available

The USA Lacrosse / Nationwide Parent's Guide
This online guide, sponsored a nationwide insurance ®, serves as an introduction to the sport for parents who are relatively new to the game. The information - from rules of the game in training suggestions - is designed to assist parents in their understanding of the sport.

Go Shopping: purchase of educational resources
U.S. Lacrosse provides its members and prospective members with a number of valuable pieces of information with the USA lacrosse online store. Books, books and videos to help coaches, officials and players are available for purchase and U.S. Lacrosse members receive a discount of 10 per cent.

Additional Resources
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