Thursday, May 22, 2008

The study place

From Jamie Littlefield,
Your guide to distance education.
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Create a place to get your work done
If you're like most distance learners, you enjoy freedom of learning at home. You revel in the joy of taking a math test online in your pajamas and appreciate the fact that a snack from the kitchen is just a few steps away. But the house of distraction can become a problem, especially if you have not organized a special place to get your work done. If you feel overwhelmed by the constant distraction phone calls, family or interruptions room, and disorganization, you must create an environment where you can really get to work.
What is a study Spot?
A study Spot is a special place in place only to carry out the work you need to get done. Instead of working on the bed, near the television, or almost anywhere in the chaos of home life, you can create a place which best suits actually do your job and do it well.
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Most people put a few rules for school places to make sure they are not faced with the normal distractions while their busy schedule. Once done properly, the creation of a Study Spot can help save time by letting you you concentrate on your work and finish earlier.
Organization is essential
The first step to study Spot success is the organization instead to be the house of your studies. Walk around your house at its busiest hour (if you have family or roommates living with you, this will probably be when everyone comes back from school or work). Find the place that is the lowest in all the commotion. It May be in the corner of your bedroom or you may be a marker or a small room which is not used. Some people use a portion of their garage. Whatever the venue of your choice, make sure it is large enough that you not feel cramped and make sure that the temperature can still be maintained at a comfortable level. Once you find your place, begin to organize the material you need and setting up your studies Spot. Complete the following steps you will leave a well organized and ready to work, you can call your own:

1. The purchase of a traditional office. One of the advantages of an office of the reality is that your work related materials are always to be near. Most offices have multiple drawers for supplies and room to hold a computer without the manner of your writing area.

2. Getting a good president. It is one of the most important tools of your work is done at home. Go to a store office supplies and invest in a chair you want to sit in Hard wood or metal chairs are uncomfortable and often deter people from sitting for the time necessary to get their work done.

3. Organize your supplies. Make sure all supplies you need each day are easily accessible from your office. It is easy to get distracted from your work if you constantly have to leave your studies to fetch supplies in another area of the house. Put notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, and everything you need in your desk drawers. If you study online, make sure you have all the necessary software and passwords available. If you study by mail, make sure you have the required stamps and addresses to your office.

4. Add your special touch. Spot Personalize your studies and make your own. If you like to explore with background music, you put a cd player and a group of your favorite cds If you want to eat while you work, put a box of snacks in your work space. If you're a fan of art, save your paintings on the wall. Some people like to hang inspirational posters or magazine clippings of people who are in the profession they are working on becoming a party. Add anything that will help make a spot study feel at home and you put the emphasis on price.

Spot rules Study
Once you've created the perfect Study Spot, set some rules for yourself and any person in your life. The rules may help keep away from distractions and focused. Start with just a little to be easy to follow and add others as you become more disciplined in your work. Some examples of rules that people have found useful are:

• working time is between the hours of 7 am 11 and I am nothing else during this period.

• The ringing phone is always turned off while I'm working.

• When I put a sign on the door, family members and friends must know that I'm working and not disturb me.

• I'll get a big break in the middle of my work, but stop taking many short breaks throughout the morning.

Spot study rules are very personal and are designed to help you work the same way as the best for you. When you decide on rules to help you study, talk to people living with you and explain what you need to do to help.

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