Thursday, May 15, 2008

Education Programme

Education Programme

There is no substitute for being able to have the answers to your questions in an understandable explanation of a competent teacher. We know many people prefer to collect information in a lead instructor, classroom format, and we know the value of less educated citizens outdoors. That's why we offer courses for the following topics during the year and across the state.

Available public courses:
-- Hunter Education
-- Sport fishing education
-- Boating Education
-- Archery and nationwide program Bowhunting
-- Archery in the Schools

Environmental Education (Focus: WILD Arizona)
Focus: WILD Arizona is the Arizona Game and Fish Department environmental education program available free to teachers. The program includes lessons about Arizona's native wildlife and habitats.

The Wildlife Center is a wildlife rehabilitation center operated by the Arizona Game and Fish Department. We rehabilitate sick, injured or abandoned wildlife, and our goal is to release animals back into the wild whenever possible. Some animals, which can not be released for educational purposes, and volunteers to support our case and school presentations.

Looking for more information?
Our resources page has lists of external clubs, associations and other Web sites to help you find all the information you need.

If you have any questions?
Contact us about the agency directory.

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External resources [More]
-- Arizona Wildlife Conservation Council
-- National Wildlife Federation
-- Take Me Fishing
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