Thursday, May 15, 2008

The objective of sport is education

Sport Education

The objective of sport is education to help students become skilled athletes and good sports.

Rather than simply teach basic skills, sport education of students in all aspects of their selected sports. They learn to play, coach, referee, and manage.

With the help of sport education, students:

* Develop the skills and ability specific to certain sports
* The social experience and personal values play a sport can provide
* To participate fully at an appropriate level
* In planning and administration of sport
* Develop the capacity to make a reasoned decision on issues in sport
* Understand the value and fair-play issues
* Develop and apply knowledge in regard to learning skills, game tactics and strategies, umpiring or arbitration, injury prevention and first aid
* Voluntarily decide to become actively involved in sport outside school hours

For more information please contact or contact your regional sports director.

Updated | March 30, 2006

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