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Euro 2008 match betting savjete-

Euro 2008 match betting savjete-12/6/08
June 13th, 2008 by joke

This is a Group C 'Group of death' games today, and there is no doubt that today we will see some great games. So far we have done pretty well with the winning Bets (not so good with a lot of fun, although bets), hopefully winning will continue. If you just joined us (where have you been?, I hope that you have not been watching Big Brother!) Make sure to sign up on Betfair to place your bets on, and you will get a free £ 25 Bet offer. See below, or check out the banners.

Holland v France-Well, this is a tale of two contrasting performances, Holland played some great football, scoring a fantastic 2. objective and France are just poor all over the pitch, not really threatening up front. The two teams have played 21 times, with 9 wins for the Dutch and the French winning 8 times. Fortunately for the Dutch this match can not go to penalties as France knocked them in Euro'96. If France play like they played in their first game, then they will have a chance, surely this game will be a great performance from the French players?

Euro 2008 betting tip-should not underestimating French and in this match, we see how they got their act together in the World Cup after a terrible start, but without world class players such as Zidane May they find difficult. It will not be an easy game for the Dutch and unlike teams such as Romania, they will not be defending most of the match to keep a clean sheet. I will still be a fallback on the Dutch win this match and the surplus of 2.8 on Betfair, but as an actual surplus suggest, it will be a very close match.

UPDATE: 4-1 as the game! This is the game on the tournament so far, the Dutch are uppermost on the form today and if the French removed their chances then the result could line of reached double figures. Thankfully this game won and we should bet on any losses are covered from Italy match.

Italy v Romania-It's all in the game for the world champions today, they must win to stand a chance of qualifying. Romania will look to frustrate just as those against France. Italy looked like missing and creativity in midfield, only if Totti and pulling strings. From the previous games, it does not look too good for Romania, from 14 games, Italy beat them 10 times. In Euro 2008 Italy won 2-0 against the Romanians in the quarter finals.

Euro 2008 betting tip-Romania to the massive surplus of 7.0 on Betfair to beat Italy. Italy must win this match to have the opportunity to qualifying. I know that 'having' / 'must' win that is very different to winning the game and Italy, although the lack of creativity in midfield will be the basis for the surplus of 1.7 to beat Romania today. Also, I go for a little fun bet on Luca Toni to score at any time and surplus of 2.42. See Betfair.

UPDATE: Losing bet, Italy rode their luck at the end with a penalty saved, he could out of Euro 2008. In the end he lost 1-1 draw us back and supporting Italy win this game. As I said before we win the game does not mean that you will get the game, maybe I took his advice next time!

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Euro 2008 match betting savjete-12/6/08
June 12th, 2008 by joke

Well last night was really nice to watch, two teams fighting for the ultimate prize…… it's the final Apprentice! … I football was not bad either!

Austria in Poland-two teams have played each other in a total of 7 times, with Austria winning 3 times and Poland winning the remaining games. Both teams have never played in Euro before and will be looking to get their first ever goals in this tournament. Austria has played better than expected in the first match against Croatia, as well as their co-hosts Switzerland, a small fortune, in his first game and they can be picked up on at least one point.

Euro 2008 betting tips: Well we know that these two teams has never drawn against each other and Poland have scored three goals in his last four matches against Austria. So what can we say? A dull 0-0 draw of course! But not really, on the basis of these statistics lets go with more than 2.5 goals in this match on a beautiful surplus of 2.6 on Betfair. We also go to small 3-1 and 3-2 wins in Poland, just in case that history repeat itself! (surplus of 44 and 61 wow!)

Update-Well, at the end was a 1-1 draw! It is not enough to make us the best destinations bet that I thought would be o. But, fortunately we went on mali lines as a result and, it seems as history does not always repeat itself in football! Nothing is why we are working quite nicely with the betting so far and that is good to learn that in order to be a bit of fun bets until they are held mali.

Croatia v Germany-Croatia do not have a very good record against Germany, with only 1 wins from 7 games were played each other. While Germany looked comfortable in the last match against Poland, Croatia has made to work hard in the games against co-hosts. Although the play against the team for the support from home is never easy and Bilic will no doubt look for major improvements against the tournament favourites.

Euro 2008 betting tips: Germany are the favorites to win this match, I am in two minds about this game, so you do not think I will be the basis a win or lose. Lets go in the form of Podolski score again at any time and the first goal scorer and surplus of 3.25 and 7.2 on the Betfair.

Update-Well, this was the first big brawl in the tournament, Croatia 2-1 Germany. A great game to watch (unless you are fan Getmany and / or Schweinsteiger fan) and full marks for Bilic for his tactics on the spot. I did not want to go against Croatia in the team I tipped win Euro 2008, so I tipped them to win! Podolski is in great shape and won anytime scorer bet on Betfair to surplus of 3.25, if only he got the first goal… oh well, there's always next time!

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Euro 2008 match betting savjete-11/6/08
June 11th, 2008 by joke

So round two of qualifying matches. After last night was a fantastic match with Spain and Russia, the question everyone is asking is…… was the Russian nadomjestak who was replaced after 22 minutes of play took off because of fatigue?… No No really, this is… Can Spain finally meet expectations?

Czech Republic v Portugal-No doubt this game could be a potential cracker. Of the eleven were twice played each other, the Czechs have won four matches and Portugal have won three. In the last two teams played each other in the Euro 1996, and the Czechs won that match 1-0.

Euro 2008 betting free tip: Czechs looked sluggish in midfield and I do not really create much in the first game, but with Baros coming to the lineup could change. I think that would be Portugeuse will be too fast for this Czech team, although longer stays in the game, 0-0 is more risk of Portugal will get a goal, leaving them open to counter-attack. View of the Czech team that started last game, I do not see them scoring more than the target. Based on the first game, then I will go back to Portugal win that match in excess of 1.85, may be bet on the 0-0 scoreline is currently in excess of 7.8, just in case Chech is fine goalkeeping form today.

Update-At the end of Portugal were too strong for the Czechs and we were worthy 3-1 winners. Just in case you want to know, a player named Ronaldo scored 2 goal for Portugal, I've never heard of him before, it seems that love to play football in Spain…. A winning bet comes in for us once again, even surplus of 1.85, it was worth it!

Switzerland v Turkey-hosts will be looking to bounce back against Turkey and if they had a bit of luck on their side they can be snatched from at least one point in their opening game. Unfortunately, the Swiss captain Alex Frei will take no further part. However, Turkey was also missing a key player in Emre through injury. Turkey has history on their side in this tie with 7 wins in fourteen matches.

Euro 2008 betting free tip: In front of their home fans Switzerland will certainly give this game a go, but I'm asking: Do they have enough fire power to the front end?. I do not think that would really threaten Turkey, lay, Switzerland win this game is pretty good and surplus value of 2.28.

Another update-winning bet, Turkey wins with late late goal that sealed only our already winning bet. If only I bet on Turkey to win then that would be even more of a profit! But some, but is glad that we are winning the second bet!

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Euro 2008 tips klađenje-10/6/08
June 10th, 2008 by joke

This is the final first round group match games and today we have 2004's surprise winners Greece and Spain one of the tournament favorites to play Sweden and Russia.

Greece v Sweden

Greece does not seem to have any injury problems for this game and 36 years old Henrik Larsson is expected to lead the front line once again for Sweden. The two teams have played each other only 6 times in the past and Greece were unbeaten against the Swedes in the last 5 times they played.

Euro 2008 betting tip: This can be very defensive game, especially if Greece play their solid and organised the game, which they did in 2004. I will go for under 2.5 goals at 1.45 odds especially on the basis of the previous games in Euro 2008. (which probably means that this is a destination !!!).

UPDATE: Well, Greece never really wanted to come out to play football, and even surplus of 1.45 unders is worth a good bet. Greece May fans do not agree, but it was good to see the best football tonight. Sweden looked good, one of my four tips to win Euro 2008 (see my post before the tournament).

Spain v Russia

Russia has some problems up front, with Pogrebnyak missing through injury, and all present Arshavin suspended for the first 2 groups of the game. Spain have only a few minor injury problems. Spain have lost only once in Russia than 8 times they played each other.

Euro 2008 betting tip: Spain are the big favourites for this game on approx 1.75, I will be going with a small bet on the draw because of the Hiddink factor in excess of 3.7.

UPDATE: Well that's happy I recommended mali bet on this match, Hiddink factor just was not enough for Russia to get a result and Spain ahead of worthy 4-1 scoreline. But do not rule out Russia from qualifying just yet, they showed some flashes, the glow that could get through them, it'sa shame Arshavin will miss two games.

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Euro 2008 tips klađenje-9/6/08
June 9th, 2008 by joke

So far during the tournament in every game we have seen all the favorites win their matches, under 2.5 goals scored and 4 clean sheets with only one team scoring. So what is this information tell us about betting on Group C 'group of death'? Not a lot! Group C should bring us some of the best matches of Euro 2008, as the tournament is really lacking until now is thrilling match with a load of goals, perhaps in France, a match will result in this?

Today is:

Holland vs Italy

France vs Romania

I will mainly concentrate on the match France today, I want to see Holland win today, although it may see Italy winning this match by 1-0.

France-France vs Romania have very few injury problems, Henry appears to be missing for Romania game with maybe Viera and Ribery. Ribery is a player I think France will miss most, a lot is a good game come to him and if he does not play then Romania could take at least one point. The furthest, Romanians have ever received in the euro was fourth finals in 2000.

Euro 2008 Betting tip-France is missing a lot of potential key players and Romania have never won the opening match in Euro. Romania are on Betfair massive 5.5 and 5.0 on the William Hill win this match, but I'm not sure if they have what it takes to pick up all three points. Lets go with a draw 3.4 currently on Betfair or put France at 1.9 inequality.

UPDATE: Well, the winning bet number 4 comes in for us! It was very exciting few moments in this game (except for the end of the game, of course!), And I will take a boring game and winning bet through exciting any day. On the surplus of 3.4, which is the largest winning surplus tipped so far in the tournament, lets hope there are many more of them come. I had a feeling for the 0-0 scoreline, if only I backed that too! So now we can relax and look at potential cracking 2. game (or animal lovers can be obtained and watch Springwatch on the BBC 2).

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