Sunday, June 8, 2008

Poland captain Maciej Żurawski expects Germany i

Poland captain Maciej Żurawski expects Germany is in their best for Sunday's Group B opener of two teams - but the striker insists he and his team-mates have been "better" the game is Wörthersee Stadium, Klagenfurt.

The Germans have been installed as clear favourites to win the group and has chosen out of the tournament as potential winners, but when the 31-year old Larissa forward Żurawski fully expects Joachim Löw's team have the ball, he is confident his own team's ability. "We respect Germany, they are an excellent team, but we are also aware of our value and potential team," he said. "We know a lot about what the Germans can do, and in such a way that they make and we are prepared to do so. What is important for us is connected to the plan we have done and make sure that we are doing things that we want to do."

Qualifying album
Poland qualified UEFA EURO 2008 ™ is an impressive style, finishing top of their group before the Portuguese, the working group in which they were rejected 2-1, Chorzow, but Żurawski admits that Poland need to move that the form is a big stage. "I can guarantee that we will go out and try to win," he said. "If we want to win we have to play the same way as we did in the matches against the Portuguese are acceptable, we have to reproduce the same type of performances here. We certainly have hopes that Germany is a day off. I expect them to be excellent, but I still think that we have an even better However, the game well they play on. "

Past memories
The match will raise memories of the meeting between two teams for the 2006 FIFA World Cup, which Poland lost 1-0. Żurawski, however, which had been one of the many players in the current squad has played in that match, sees things differently. He said: "Well, I do not like going back to the past, in particular the World Cup, because the situation is different," Żurawski said. "A couple of years have elapsed since then, and this is a completely different tournament. I believe that we do things as well as we can, training sessions and everything looks good. Everyone is looking well and is in good form and I believe that we will have to demonstrate that the pitch tomorrow. "

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