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Kent city schools

Kent city schools
Kent A good place to live • A good place to learn

The Kent City Schools stand at the heart of a community well known to appreciate education. In 1910 one of the first Ohio teacher training institutions (Kent Normal School) was established in Kent. As the school grew into a big universities, schools Kent City developed a reputation for academic excellence, sound public finance management, good relations, and a rational approach to meeting the educational challenge.

With five elementary schools, one middle school and high school, Kent Schools serving more than 4000 students each year from Kent, Franklin Township, Brady Lake Village, and the village of Sugar Bush Knolls.

Nearly three hundred teachers meet these students into classes with a pupil / teacher ratio of about 21:1. Around sixty percent of teachers who hold master's degrees, and all of them bring skills, commitment, and the countless benefits from diverse backgrounds to their students. Joining at all regular inservice training programmes, and all programs of study offered by the continuous updating of district-wide curriculum development committees. They are based on updated textbooks and materials and equipment regularly maintained and modernized.

The campaign of Kent schools are fully accredited by the Ohio Department of Education and Roosevelt High School is accredited by the North Central Association of schools and colleges. Kent students score very well nationally and standardized tests of achievement and aptitude, school and examinations. A high percentage of our high school graduates enter college, many of them with major grants and some with distinction as a National Merit Scholar.

The philosophy of Kent City Schools begins with the assumption that all students can learn at high levels. We believe that the best thing we can do for our children is to cultivate in them a life of love of learning. Kent Schools guide the development of responsible citizens and provide each student the opportunity to master essential to develop skills and personal potential.

In support of these objectives, the Kent Board of Education adopted a fair and reasonable discipline code aims to ensure a safe, orderly environment conducive for learning. Open lines of communication between the school, student, and the family are crucial to a good atmosphere in the classroom, and Kent School staff work very hard to keep the dialogue going.

Reading, writing, English, mathematics, social sciences and studies form the basis of curriculum Kent schools. In addition, students can study foreign languages, become a computer, learn to swim, and participate in physical education, fine and applied arts, and vocational training. Sports are co-curricular "in Kent Schools - as well as a strong academic program, not a replacement. The participation and good sportsmanship are expected, and students have many choices, including swimming, football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, track, tennis, golf, ice hockey and, to name a few. A wide range of other activities are also available for our students: choirs: orchestras and bands; club and languages, vocations, drama and chess. School publications, student council, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll Honorary, and other groups also help students complete their school experience.

The Kent City Schools provide a continuum of support for students with special needs, starting at age 3 with a pre-school program for children who are late development in areas such as communication, hearing, sight, behaviour or function motor. From school, special needs students benefit from various options. Some are assisted to attend regular classes (inclusion), while others enroll in special needs classes. School psychologists, supervisors special education, expression and speech therapists, and physical and occupational therapists are all involved in these programmes.

For the academic year with talent and enrichment of children is available at the school through twelfth grade. Group programs begin with a week post-primary school enrichment program. PEACE, a weekly full-day program, serves with students in grades 4 to 6, while academic talent, fifth and sixth graders enjoy monthly EXCEL activities. For the seventh and eighth graders, there are the future Problem Solving program accelerated classes, mentorships, leadership seminars, a seminar with girls and opportunities for independent study. In high school, the opportunities for enrichment Kent's best students include honors and accelerated classes advanced placement, Odyssey of the Mind, and Kent State University courses.

Together with the education of children, Kent City Schools serve the community in many other ways. School buildings are regularly used as meeting places for community groups. School sports facilities are available for swimming, tennis, and other activities. Since 1986 the Kent schools have offered basic education of adults, Home Health Care Aide training, human resource development for business and industry, and several tens of basic skills courses and personal growth.

Kent Schools value of dialogue with the community. Ideas of Kent citizens are welcomed by school guidance and are continually tried informally as well as through surveys and citizen parent organization of entry. Recently a committee of citizens Kent conducted two years of study to determine community attitudes on schools, explore ways to share school and community resources, and further strengthen our ties with each other. As committee results are put to work, schools Kent will continue to transmit news school by various means, including the school newsletter, formal progress reports, and Record-Courier reports.

Kent citizens proud to support their schools. Some do so in a "practice" fashion, in the classrooms, field trips, the parents' associations, and with fundraising activities. kent citizens support their schools to the polls in recent history that passes virtually every transaction levy school. Kent, of course, people understand that good schools enrich the community. And of course, also the Kent schools have gained the confidence of the community, providing excellent educational and co-curricular programs, while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

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