Thursday, June 26, 2008

28 Easy ways to strengthen baseball

28 Easy ways to strengthen baseball
Written on 10:58 am aidil


Um yeah, baseball could use a little work right away, and, as always, the Hernia is here to help. Listed below, are 28 useful ways of assisting in the sport before it is too late.

Consider this by providing a baseball sick boob job.

1. On the other hand, a tougher steroid, allowing hitters to use a giant red wiffle ball bats.
2. Inject the crowd with heroin.
3. Mic up to each fan of the stadium each year so that they can really Yell at the players, umps and managers.
4. Replace "Take me out is a ballgame" with any of Megadeth and Slayer.
5. Let 'Body Suit Guy "roam free.
6. Allow wild animals roam the field during live play.
7. Whenever the team will start a winning streak, peel off part of Bud Selig's face.
8. Emphasizes the players' wives to participate in the games, nudity.
9. Bring. Back. Dibble.
10. Stop by grabbing each other's Johnsons, as you're holding on to dear life, ya sick bastards.
11. Install the Trap Door at home plate in every stadium.
12. The sanctions, all teams to outfit monkeys fully in line with a first base coach and a car.
13. Screw the current umps, that is Drebin's crew.
14. Let Gary Sheffield attack on the pitchers to throw at him.
15. Hijack the train at Minute Maid Park and burns, that lays down the asia Yuma.
16. The sanctions Pirates is to bring them the relief pitchers who wheelbarrow.
17. Let Joe Torre to manage the game almost from his home in Maui.
18. Allow announcers openly curse during the broadcasts.
19. Do not let anyone MLB shave, the entire season.
20. Force Tampa to play all home games inside the Hooters with Nerf balls.
21. Release the Cleveland to fly into the Joe Buck's hotel room every road trip.
22. Enter the cabinet of tools, the pitcher's mound, so that they can really fuck things.
23. Force, each player has been invited to the use of steroids use the chopstick than the bat, 3 months.
24. Every time someone mentions the courage to David Eckstein, they should be presented to it can be dirty Joba Chamberlain farts.
25. Make a BARTOLO Colon and David Wells pitch shirtless.
26. Put the toilet, left the field Fenway Park.
27. Find out what has happened to the Expos.
28. Make a Rockies pitching staff to throw underhand.

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