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Boxing and the fight


Boxing and the fight
Essay on boxing and fight

(From an unpublished manuscript by Geoffrey H. Manning, from tribal lands in Canton - A history of Thebarton)

In 1845 the public "houses of entertainment Port Road [were] literally crammed with knowledge of those" pink eye morning until Dewy "" "colonial announcing an interest in the fight against prices and which, according to a writer Chief newspaper, should be reported in the same manner in duels, robbery and murder, he was convinced that advertising, in a spirit of right is always the best corrective for such atrocities.

He suggested that the taste for the fight against the price has long been accused of the population of England and he feared that persist affection "among the degraded and polluted sections of the lower classes in the motherland" and hoped and prayed for that the industrious and prosperous workers of South Australia, and a brand, "set their faces stone against this horrible, degrade the defect.

In December 1845 a Thebarton chairmaker, Charley Barnett "resilient" against Johnny White "at the rear of Hindmarsh," the stakes are £ 20 a side - "Charley admirably resisted, but the force of arms and science were said we, too much for the chairmaker who was forced, reluctantly how never to give in. "

To escape the stigma in Adelaide boxing matches were held on the Yorke Peninsula and in 1863, the steamer young Australian has been chartered to convey competitors and supporters through Saint Vincent Gulf of Surveyor point where they landed to witness a battle described as "undecided", but on the return trip two drunk would be "Pugs" aims to settle on the deck. A return match for both professionals took place a few weeks later at the foot where they belaboured another until one of them "felt feint or an indisposition" to continue the contest.

Apparently unaware of the past history of Thebarton in the field of pugilism, an interesting three angles "competition" between the Company, a boxing promoter and owner of the site took place in 1894 as indicated in the following newspaper report:

At a meeting of the Society Thebarton ... a very large delegation of Southwark residents and members of the local Vigilance Committee attended request that the Council ... remove boxing competitions ... Mr. John Ryan said that the attempt has recently been taken to organize a series of boxing competitions in the room adjoining the hotel Southwark.

The hall had been hired by Mrs. Coveney for the purpose of holding a "variety of entertainment." Once the building was obtained posters were published a boxing contest between Billy Evans and Stan Osborne through the door silver and ten pounds a side.

Ms. Coveney then refused permission for the use of the hall but concerned citizens to fear that other owners of potential sites may be less scrupulous and, accordingly, the Company has asked to formulate a regulation prohibiting such events .

Councillors were unanimous in their support of the request and advise Boland said he would be sorry to see "whatever kind of get a foothold in Thebarton, as it is certain that the decline in the tone of the city of result" and presented a motion to ban such competitions in the city which was adopted without opposition.

Thebarton goes to the honour of being the place for the first catch in the south of Australia in January 1848 for an event took place on the field of racing Thebarton when a journalist proclaimed that:

We could not ... but admire the snatch of Marrs, a former veteran the same game in England and the founder of this imitation of English customs in South Australia ... There was no "kicking-kinky" or misuse through, and, considering this first test, it was very good.

General Notes

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Prize fight against the most reprehensible is under whatever conditions it May be conducted.
The spectacle of two men sane deliberately battering each other for reasons of money ...
is little else that disgusting and degrading ...

An editorial on prices is in the fight against the advertiser, April 10, 1897, page 4h:

To tolerate price fight against now, we must change our nature, and it is reassuring a circumstance
that the attempt of a civilized community professedly to renew the vicious past has aroused the universal condemnation.

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If the fight against the price is wrong to put down, it is only one of many that exist ...
The closure of hotels in a certain time and on the Sabbath has not kept our boys of 16 and more fear ...
There is excessive cigarette smoking and indulging passions ...

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