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Horse Racing

Horse Racing

(From Geoffrey H. Manning 's A colonial experience)
Each game, like all businesses, a black-market players. In the Exchange of default jostle men over pure spirit. In merchants warehouses occasional commercial sharping discredits the brutal honesty usually prevailed. In societies temperance are dissembling topers, and even in the Church graceless hypocrites. But the racecourse, although some of the most honourable men and generous souls in all communities figure prominently on it, it also draws too many of these despicable characters whose types are far worse than ever - the memorable Jubilee Player and nobles Ailesbury.
(Advertise, May 2, 1897, page 4.)

In its early days racing horses was seen as an innocent and entertainment virile, mainly patronised by "colleagues great honour and probity," but by the end of the 1860 reporters have been warned to put forward a suggestion that some " rascality "was perceptible in time - honour" sport of kings. "

Considered opinion of that day are the men who live by their minds to go, not for sport, but for the looting. Bookmakers, who have nothing to lose, but who still have a chance to win, take the company ... they are the worst type of players, and they bring the grass into disrepute. "

In other colonies "scandalous some tricks ... [a] have revealed the infinite disgust of all rights-minded patron of the race. Notorious horsy men on their luck, [had] levanted without taking the small difficult to settle with their creditors, and serious suspicions that exist a noble horse is safe to take a strong position in its commitments was poisoned by those whose interest it would have had him on the way. "

It was concluded by this observer that:

In our personal ring is not what it should be. The guardians of hell, gambling houses and saloons and dance would not be elected members of Tattersall in the country of origin. Here, no questions are asked. Everyone is respectable, if it is able to pay a book, and find a friend to propose. This is the quarter during which the reform is needed first.

There are people allowed in rooms whose presence is undesirable, not bode well for themselves or their employers. Government officials, bank clerks, merchants, clerks and employees in stores or warehouses should be more engaged in an evening that the ill-smoking tobacco, alcohol ..., speaking of horses, and now And then make a bet with men very dubious background and dubious reputation.

In the long term, they are required to be victims, and for everyone that lands a good thing, ninety-nine suffer considerably, both in character and l ', the acquisition of many habits that ultimately lead them to ruin.

It is a question too common awareness that young men who might have held positions in respectable life became pigeons to those hawks who too often hover around the betting ring and the racecourse which they seek snatch May .. .

With the revelations of the industry in recent years doping horses, corruption by punters, the gaoling of a prominent financier, and infamous conduct on the part of bookmakers, one can be excused for concluding that very little has changed since the sport was introduced to South Australia in 1838.

The first race Reunion
A little more than twelve months from the "Proclamation" ceremony in the Old Gum Tree, on the plains Holdfast Bay, the child colony of the first horse race meeting took place on a "pen Thebarton [which] is far from the animation and excitement from Epsom Downs ... "

The progenitor was hurtle James Fisher, the Resident Commissioner, a great jumper, which was supported by Colonel William Light, Surveyor General, John Brown, regional migration, Dr Cotter, Colonial Surgeon, John Morphett; Samuel Stephens , Colonial Manager South Australian Company and Dr. Wright, a physician. An improvised runway was cleared near the current police barracks and the sponsors announced a programme for a two-day meeting on 1 and 2 January 1838 and one observer said:

On the first of January 1838 left Adelaide for a while speculative orgy acres in town ... neglected for a day the evolution of a city and asked surcease on a gum-studded plain ... "Near the river.

Here ... have been engulfed in matted-coated "nags" in small farms and antennas as far away as Para, island horses shipped to pain and risks of Van Diemen's Land-robust and muscular hacks who came down from the road with Hawdon, Bonney and Eyre. There was no aristocracy of blood or air. They are innocent of pedigree and some were as many corners as a wagonette.

First, a lack of horses created difficulties for authors, but finally, ten horses were nominated to compete in four events including the first day of racing. There were two-three events horse for a bag of ten and twenty guineas, respectively, and the third with £ 10 of money as prizes. The other race has attracted six runners with each owner to contribute to £ 5 that the authors added £ 10.

About 800 people attended and, bearing in mind that the total population of Adelaide was only 2500, Mr. Fisher and friends, stand-holders and itinerant hawkers are more than satisfied with the assembly of customers turf:

Booths for refreshments and dance have been put in place, and every attention was paid to make the case worthy of those who love the sport, which was excellent.

General Notes
A history of horse racing is in the advertiser (special edition)
September 1, 1936, page 60.

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The South Australia, 31 December 1844, page 3 ter said:

Tomorrow we expect, witness the first day of racing in South Australia because, although the 1st and 2nd day of the new year for several seasons past have held what is called horse racing, we can not in good conscience call them ...

A commentary on horse racing is in the Observer,
January 25, 1845, page 3 under "public morality".

"Comments on races from the end" is in the register, January 7, 1846, page 3 bis:

Whispers are abroad two or three cases and, in fact, it was a matter of public conversation on the course a horse that has been done "very safe" to have been a part of his hoof smashed with a hammer, two days before the race.
(See also register, 15 and 17 January 1846, pages 2a and 2d.)

The southern Australia
September 25, 1846, page 4c carries a report of the "Premier Grand Steeple Chase"
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One death at a race meeting is reported in the Adelaide Times, 3 January 1850, page 3 ter:

One man was killed ... while relying on a rail Emery stand ... its support and gave way, it was precipitated on the head and killed instantly ... It is surprising that very few accidents have occurred, given the fragility of the construction of a large number of booths, and the density of the dust and, hence, the collision of vehicles and riders.

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We do not doubt the attraction of the show, so dear South Australia degrade themselves to provide entertainment ... We entertain a lot of confidence that the girls of good feeling ... condescend to submit itself to the vulgar delectation.

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The Society ... have put a guard at the door West near St John's Church, the only access to the course for racehorses. No horse racing is allowed to enter without a permit ... Only obtain the rate of one pound per horse ...
(See also register on September 21, 1875, page 6f.)

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