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child sport coaching

Could you make sport of your company?

The sport is the premier United Kingdom leader of the child sport coaching business. With the largest network managers in the country, Prime Minister sport currently affects 100000 children each week.

Interns with Duncan Goodhew and Lawrence Dallaglio

Prime Sports offers a network of fully trained and qualified coaches throughout the United Kingdom, coaching sports offering primary school-age children.

With the delivery of programs and extra-curricular education in terms of time and non-residential sports courses during school holidays, the premier sports is currently 1500 sessions per week and is the target of coaching more than 1 million children each week by 2012.

Supported by British sporting heroes Lawrence Dallaglio, Duncan Goodhew and Wendy Sly, the Prime Minister of Sport commitment to offer qualified coaching sports is well recognized by children, teachers and parents throughout the United Kingdom.

As a prime minister Sport franchisee, you can share this success. Franchises with exclusive territories are available throughout the United Kingdom, offering the opportunity to build your business using our success, tried and tested business model.

How does a prime minister sport work?

As a franchisee, you run your own training operating Prime Minister of Sport and venerable brand of confidence - providing the best in school and extracurricular sports provision in the country in your own territory.

With the support of Prime Minister Sport allows you to generate build a successful business and
The prime minister will show you how to reach them.

Schools, children and parents to use your leadership abilities (or those of your staff) during extra-curricular, during holidays, and the first training school sports.

With our help you build a team of coaches confidence, and manage and organize them on a daily basis to effectively operate your region.

Our products

Girl with Lawrence Dallaglio

Curricular coaching
The sport is the Prime Minister at the forefront of providing mentoring programs in primary schools, successfully meeting the major targets set by the government.

Highly qualified staff to fill the teaching time is an option for schools across the country.

Extra-curricular coaching
Prime provides a host of different sports for children to enjoy before school, during lunchtime in schools throughout the United Kingdom.

Holiday courses
During school holidays, thousands of children take advantage of our multi-sport and football FA Charter Standard courses across the country - the rate of participation in these events has doubled in just three years and is more and more all the time .

Prime Sports organizes a variety of fundraising for schools, school fetes and assemblies, as well as free tasting sessions.

From training and support

Prime Sports offers the best training continued support of day 1. Training is provided to enable you and your staff to achieve the qualifications and sports so you can communicate effectively with key decision makers in schools.

The prime minister of sport also has a single internal training program designed to allow your staff to ensure the sport programmes which meet Ofsted standards. This is possible thanks to our continued investment in our franchise development - which includes a former head teacher of 20 years and a qualified inspector Ofsted that our dedicated staff development director.

This means that you and your staff have a training program unparalleled who can provide the skills necessary to give a real competitive advantage.

What investment is needed?


While other companies franchised May a high-cost start-up costs and annual subscription, Premier Sport is unique in offering all the advantages of a franchise without the commitment of high costs.

Initial prime minister a reduction in costs only £ 3900 at the beginning of your business investment means that the only way the prime minister can be successful is that our franchisees are successful.

Franchisees do not have to order a certain quantity of goods from us every year.
As your business will be part of a much larger organization, you can benefit from economies of scale and will enjoy a reduction in operating costs of many that you would normally incur - promotion printing, the publicity and support staff and so forth.

Supported by the best!

Melvyn Lusty

Melvyn Lusty, First President sport

Mel Lusty, Premier Sports President is known as one of the United Kingdom most successful franchisors. Mel has worked in the franchise for over 25 years and is the former owner and CEO of Rainbow International.

Melvyn is currently serving on the board of the British Franchise Association (BFA) and was chairman of the BFA from 2002-2003. It is also part of the team that owns and manages Chemex - a distribution company to franchise with 88 franchises across the United Kingdom and the master franchisees across Europe.

Lawrence Dallaglio MBE

Lawrence Dallaglio MBE, the first ambassador of sport

Lawrence Dallaglio has won virtually every accolade available in the game of rugby, captaining his country and to be part of the victorious England team World Cup 2003.

Duncan Goodhew MBE

Duncan Goodhew MBE, the first ambassador of sport

Duncan Goodhew was captain of Britain swim team at the 1980 Olympics, gold medalist at 100 meters breaststroke and bronze medallist in 4x100 m relay medley.

Duncan put in place and secured funds for youth, sport Trust, and its success with the Swimathon is well known - raise more than £ 22 million since its inception in 1988. He received an MBE for services to sport in 1983.

What our franchisees say ...

All franchisees to Premier team dedicated to providing a safe sport, fun environment for children and are respected by teachers and parents.

"I joined the prime minister to build a long-term revenues that would be related to my success. I did not want the insecurity of my destiny to be in other people's hands. In only 4 years Prime Minister guided me in a position that I have not previously benefited "
PB, Suffolk

"The prime minister is helping coaches develop and maintain their skills at the highest level. This means that parents, schools and children have all the confidence that the programs we provide are safe and fun - it was a major reason for the successful development of my clients. "
PB, Essex

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