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Christian Women and Sports

Christian Women and Sports

If women to practice a sport?
By Scott Jonas
January 4, 2005, 18:33
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I have read many articles of Christian men and women as regards the participation of women in the workforce, politics and the army. These are activities that most women did not participate until fifty years ago. However, my opinion, there is another major activity of these writers have not explored. For some reason, they have neglected the participation of women in sport.

For a very long time, women feminists resisted the call to play sports because they were not interested as men are. But it did not very well with feminists, in their opinion, it was the fault of men from oppression. On behalf of "equality", feminist leaders poked and prodded and pushed women to join the games, until women en masse finally succumbed to pressure. I think it should give us good reasons to pause and consider the question, "If women participate in sports activities?"

Over the years I have noticed that Christian parents, like all parents encourage their daughters to participate in sports activities. This is all the rage in our public schools, particularly since the adoption of Title IX by feminists. Like most Christian parents send their children to public schools, it does not surprise many of us that Christians are more influenced by culture than by secular school culture of the Church. Worse, the Church itself is more strongly influenced by culture rather than the reverse. One of the trends in schools is the participation in sports by women, so it should not surprise us that so many Christian girls now participate in sports activities. But is this really all that bad?

For those of us who believe we must train our daughters according Titus 2, 1 Peter 3, and other passages from the Bible, my answer is "Yes, it is not good." I suggest that sport greatly hinders the development of piety, Biblical, female character. Parents today spend extraordinary time and energy taking their daughters to a sporting event to another, week after week, even to the point where it exhausts the family and family resources. The fruits that we see today are Christian women are often unprepared to be Biblically obedient wives and mothers. This brings to mind a few questions: "Why do we spend so much time to prepare our girls to play sports?" And "What is it to prepare for the future?" My answer is that sports prepare women to be more like men. instead spend all this time preparing our daughters that directs the Bible, we train them to be like men so they can better compete with the men in traditionally male roles - ie, in competition with them on the labour market, in politics, the army, and in sports.

In fact, I do not have a problem with women playing recreational sports on a casual basis, just to play with competitive sports on a normal functioning on a daily basis. This rigorous physical and mental training tends to make women more masculine. I think it is prudent of us often ask "A woman do this exercise and maintain a female Biblically?" In sport, I believe it will be difficult in most cases. Even some of the most traditionally female sports like gymnastics and skating are now influencing women to be more masculine.

The Bible speaks of women developing a gentle and calm mind, I think that sport promotes anything but that. They instead develop a competitive spirit and litigation that cause them to have big difficulties in their marriage. I have already mentioned that the effort spent on sports hamper the development of functions wife at home, even worse is when a man is competing against his own wife in the workplace and the community . Regarding the contentious women, in the years 1830, Alex DeToqueville wrote these prophetic words in his book Democracy in America:

"There are people in Europe who, at the same time confusion different characteristics of the sexes, making the man and woman beings not only equal but also .... It May easily be designed, as well as attempted to make a gender equality on the other hand, both are degraded, and so absurd a medley of works of nature nothing could ever result but weak men and women disturbing public order . "

Today, we have this problem. We have a nation filled with weak men and disorderly women. Much of the disorder among women comes from feminist influences and activities as a competitive sport. Weakened marriage and divorce are often the result.

Most men I know admire a woman who is reasonably healthy and fit, they are also attracted by a woman who is a bit soft and cuddly. This does not mean that it must be delicate as tissue paper, not a woman must be reasonably strong, and the normal functions of life will sound this way. That is what we learn of the Proverbs 31 woman. However, if you look at pictures of women athletes who play sports or watch them on the playgrounds, you will notice that many develop strong, muscular bodies. The women athletes also sneer, WinCE, pushing, and fight like men. I see these things all the time images in our hometown newspaper. The sneers are most obvious, but young women very unfeminine. The masculine uniforms and sweaty bodies are not very attractive, either.

Women's Rugby

I also remains at the conduct of our school grounds and public sports fields another phenomenon takes place: young girls are trained right along with boys sports. For me, this can be degrading for boys. In some cases, girls regularly participate on boys' sports teams, and thus compete with the boys themselves. During the last decade, more and more girls have participated in the struggle, because there were no girls teams struggle, they have joined boys and teams in competition with boys. I read about a school where boys have refused to fight and girls lost their matches, there can be no greater shame for them than losing a daughter, not to mention, it is probable violation of their sense of male chivalry. Thus, not only athletic participation of women degrading the feminine of women, in many cases it degrades developing masculinity for boys.

Women's Wrestling

At the recent Summer Olympics in Greece, the struggle of women is a new sport. There were several women wrestlers the USA on the Olympic team, most of them have been trained to fight with men in college, because there were no women's teams. If you saw the pictures, they looked like men breaking each other on the mats. Women's Handball is another sport that I had never seen before, and photos, I saw women fighting each other were sometimes grotesque. Similarly aggressive sports are women's hockey, boxing, football, rugby, and others where women often look and act like men. But even the less aggressive but more frequent sports like soccer, basketball and softball tend to make women masculine and virile.

Women's Handball

Some Christians could say that women should not compete in professional sports, but any other level is correct. However, professional athletes get their start somewhere. They start school in the community and sports leagues like everyone, and sometimes go to college and adult leagues. Ultimately, they end May as semi-professional or amateur competition in the world in a variety of sports, but nevertheless, the masculinization process begins when they are young girls. The more they play, the more likely it is that their femininity will be degraded.

Mr. Leon Podles in his book The Church powerless: The feminization of Christianity is this to say about sport:

"Agonistische play male is the origin of civilization. In the modern world, sports are the emotional center of countless men. Sport is a means to achieve traditional masculinity .... Because sport provide initiation into manhood, they can easily become a religion. The sport is often how the boy brings out the sweet, home world of the mother and her femininity and enters the world of challenge and danger that made him a .... man team sports develop masculinity, they are "civilized substitute for war" and sublimate aggression men channels less harmful than the crime .... Sport forms a single male character, a defiance of falsehood and pettiness, habits and command obedience, courage and without fear. "

Mr. Podles does not mention female athletes; everything he writes about concerns men and, more particularly, the development of masculinity and male character in men. It is my conviction that participation in sports tend to build character even manly women. If you look like Dr. Podles that sport helps prepare men for war, then I think we can conclude that the same holds true for women. One reason so many women now enter the armed forces (and work) is due to their participation in sports activities, which have helped prepare them for this effort.

In recent years, I have been studying the nature of Hebrew by the Greek education for our children. Most Christian home school advocates now argue that the Hebrew model for education because it is based on the Bible, is one we must follow in relation to the pagan Greek humanist model we use in our public schools. They argue that, following the Greek method weakens families and prevents the development of pious character in our children. Given the great success of the house of students, it is difficult to disagree. I also know that the Greek culture was a very degrading effect on Jewish culture beginning several centuries before Jesus Christ was born. So I think we should be very cautious about Greek-like influences. A good source of contemplation is the book Safely Return of Tom Eldridge. He writes:

"Can Christian young people be educated physically without teaching them to obsess on the Greek vision that athletics is equal success? The answer is a resounding yes. As Christians distinctly build a biblical vision of family life, participation in the community and in the church because they are dedicated to a life of service, they will find more physical training that takes place in the context of piety and service to others. "

Mr. Eldridge makes the case that we do not need sports to help educate our children. Another question that arises is nudity:

"A witness sign of paganism is nudity. Historically, one of the main ways to introduce nudity in the culture has been the subject of sports competition that focuses on form, movement, and the prowess of the body. ... Christians should be wary of any educational process or cultural event which justify nudity on the grounds of freedom of athletics ...."

Women's Weightlifting

It should not be a secret that women's sports promote immodest clothing. The pressure of being immodest is just one more reason women should avoid sports, and in many cases, we should not even look at women (and sometimes men) sports competitions. The Apostle Paul often referred to how athletes races "unencumbered" (ie naked) because of Greek influence in the sport during its day. Based on what Mr. Eldridge writing, whether or not women should participate in sports activities should be easy to answer.

Given that sport very well May paganism promote attitudes and humanist, I urge parents to reflect deeply on this issue and whether or not their family members should participate in organized sports programs. At a minimum, I hope you will agree with me that we should keep our daughters away from competitive sports and spend our time to train them to be Biblically feminine women, wives and mothers.

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"You can name what you want to name, but I am opposed to anything in the world which emphasizes the line of difference between the sexes. I think ladies should be feminine and soft and beautiful and charming . I think men should be strong and masculine and decisive. I am opposed to anything that makes a man and a woman as well, look, held the same way or speak as well. "

-- Jack Hyles Pasteur (Citation Mr. Hyle of the sermon, unisex)

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